Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm Now Blogging on, in addition to here at the BreastFree Blog

I've long been a fan of the website. It offers a tremendous amount of information and support for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as for those going through treatment and those struggling to find a new normal afterwards. While doesn't explore non-reconstruction as comprehensively as, the editors have recently expanded their coverage of this important subject.

One reflection of that change is that I've been asked to contribute to the Blog. Earlier this week, my first article was posted. It's entitled Living a Breast-Free Life. In it, I introduce myself by telling my personal story. In subsequent posts, I hope to address issues of concern to those of us who have chosen to live breast-free. I also intend to continue posting here at the BreastFree Blog.

I hope you'll check me out at both places and that you'll feel free to add your own comments.


  1. Thank you for giving greater visibility to declining reconstruction as an option!

  2. Thank you Barbara! I was offended by how hard the medical community tried to push me toward reconstruction. I am whole and I am beautiful without breast.